Model T Propane Stove by Paul E. Luke Company

This sturdy two burner stove will have you cooking in style. "Gear and Gadgets" from our September 21, 2007, CW Reckonings


Solid brass fiddles and cast bronze grates give the Model T propane stove classic quality and styleAndrew Burton

I saw lots of neat gear at the Newport Boat show last weekend. One thing that caught my eye was the Model T two-burner propane stove from the venerable Paul E. Luke company in Maine. Its classic good looks result because it's hand-made in their shop with high-quality materials. The top is brushed quarter-inch stainless steel. Thick, solid-brass fiddles will keep the kettle in place when seas are rough, Cast bronze grates sit atop stainless steel Force 10 burners and the rest of the stove is of stainless steel plate. A nice touch is the small crumb tray in the bottom that pulls out for easy cleaning. As a matter fact, the whole stove can be disassembled for maintenance or cleaning. It can be hard-mounted or gimbaled.

This isn't something that you'll put on a lightweight racer but if you want a stove that'll last as long as the best built boat then take a look at the Model T.

(Price still being determined) Paul E. Luke Inc., (207) 633 4971,