New Boats at the Paris Boat Show

Take a first look at several new boats on display at the Nautic Boat Show happening now in Paris.

December 4, 2015

Cruising World editor Mark Pillsbury takes a walk through the Nautic Boat Show underway in Paris for a look at some of the new and recently launched boats for the coming year. Among the models are several new models in the Grand Large range for Dufour, the launch of the Bali 4.0, and a new member to the Benteau family. Stay tuned for more photos from the show!

Durfour debuts models of two new boats, the 412 Grand Large and the 512 Grand Large. Mark Pillsbury
Both of Dufour’s new models will improve upon two existing designs to offer more space and better performance. Mark Pillsbury
Dufour also recently launched the 460 Grand Large, on display at the show.
The 460 GL was launched in Cannes and features a new hull design for Dufour.
Bali 4.0 Catamaran makes its debut at the Paris show. Mark Pillsbury
The newest member of the Beneteau family, the 41.1. Mark Pillsbury

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