Newport for New Products Preview: Gear

Get a preview of the newest products, systems and electronics entered in this year's Newport for New Products showcase.
Arid Bilge Systems/ Series 1 Nano Proven vacuum technology that automatically and effortlessly eliminates residual bilge water in large and mid-size yachts is now available for smaller boats. Series 1 Nano keeps bilges 100% dusty dry and odor free.
BaggyWrinkle by Chafe-Pro Protects sails from chafe abrasion, specifically the jib from chafing on the shrouds and other standing rigging. No more sliding! Chafe-Pro has developed a lashing-free design made from100% New Zealand sheepskin with a short nap to offer decreased windage in the rigging.
Solara Power M 140 watt Solar Panel 140 watts made using high grade SunPower back-contact solar cells for maximum potential power output in less space. Walk-on, bendable, rugged, designed for the marine environment, these lightweight panels can be installed on hard tops, decks, davits, or a frame structure.
FX -1 Easy Touch Air-Conditioning Display Control The FX-1 or FX-2 control board kit now has a touch screen display option. Easy Touch offers intuitive, user friendly control for direct expansion, reverse-cycle air conditioning or chilled water/ air handlers. Provides all operational features plus a time-stamped fault history log and adjustable display for brightness and color schemes.
Dockwa A convenient, unified booking and marketing platform that connects boaters to marinas. Boaters can book transient reservations for docks and moorings by simply downloading the app, explore, reserve, and pay at their favorite marina, in a matter of minutes. Marinas confirm the reservation, collect payment, and deposit the customers information into their intelligent database with a single click.
XT Classic Series Winches by Antal Completely chromed; chromed drum, self-tailing disks, self tailing arm, and a chromed lower skirt. The chrome-plating is carried out with great care to guarantee maximum durability. The winch is first highly polished, then thickly nickel-plated and finally finished in chrome.
Roller by Antal New folding cleat with rotating horns, designed for sailboats but can be used on motorboats as well. Roller’s rotating horns can move into the open or closed position, even under load and held there by a safety detent
Antal Snatch Looper Relatively small, the new Snatch block is suitable for high loads, particularly designed for 2:1 main halyards. Hard black aluminum rotating cheek plates with a Dyneema Snap Loop protected by a polyester cover, aluminum sheave on fiber bearing.
Reckmann MF Furler Made of stainless steel, this new Manual Furler (MF) is compact in size without compromising on strength. Available in both above deck or below deck configurations with either aluminum or carbon foils. The MF is perfectly suited for boats up to 75 feet in length.
SlipFinder App Revolutionary mobile app that allows boaters to book transient slips and moorings at marinas in real time. SlipFinder is an easy to use platform for marinas with an intuitive, simple app that boaters access from their mobile device.
Winterize It Pro The first anti-corrosion and winterizing storage solution offered in an aerosol can. Fights corrosion in the engine’s power head cooling system for outboard or personal watercraft. Coats and protects a boats vital cooling system.
eS-Series Multifunction Displays Powered by Raymarines LightHouse II user interface, the eS Series includes three high-performance navigation displays that offer unmatched control and ease-of-use in a sleek, ergonomic design. Choice of 7-in, 9-in and 12-in displays, each with glass bridge-style design that blends with modern helm stations, allowing for both low profile console and a recessed flush mounting option.
Seahorse Convertible Fender A unique and innovative design that offers a variety of practical uses; split and strap to a piling, lengthen to adjust for tide changes. For superior protection while rafting, lock together for a super long fender. The fender stands upright for easy storage in a locker and stores its own line.
Intellian i5 Satellite TV System 40 to 60 foot vessels no longer have to choose between small antennas with limited range or larger antennas with better coverage that do not match the aesthetics of the boat. The i5 enables TV reception in the Bahamas and Caribbean in a 24-inch radome. Comes equipped with All American LNB, eliminating the need to swap components when traveling between satellite regions.
HALO Pulse Compression Radar by Simrad The first high-performance solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse compression technology. Combining the advantages of Broadband Radar and traditional pulse radar systems, HALO provides navigational visibility as close as 20-feet, all while offering exceptional long-range performance up to 72 nautical miles.
GO7 Chartplotter The standalone, full-featured GO7 is fully customizable and includes Wi-Fi to tap into the GoFee wireless cloud service for immediate, convenient map downloads, software updates, and more. Suits any on-water activity and offers tablet-like ease-of-use with intuitive touchscreen controls.
YachtConnect Yacht Connect (patent pending) is more than 4G/Wi-Fi antennas; it’s also a router with an access point. Supports up to 32 connected devices on-board (smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, PC…). YachtConnect is a ready to direct connect Wi-Fi for your boat so it is always on. Features blazing fast 4G LTE speed.
Cruising 300/600 Hydrogenerators Autonomy thanks to renewable energy! Watt & Sea Hydrogenerators use the speed of the sailboat to turn and immerse propeller to generate electricity without fossil fuels. Hydrodynamic design with unperceivable drag and silent in operation allow power with no emissions or carbon footprint. Two year warranty.
Sirius Signal Coast Guard Compliant SOS Distress Light The SOS Distress Light is the first and only LED Visual Distress Signal Device that completely eliminates dangerous and environmentally harmful pyrotechnic marine flares. This battery-operated, buoyant SOS distress light, can be hand-held, tethered, or hoisted aloft. Lasts HOURS compared to flares or flare gun meteors.
Siren Marine Android Boat Monitor App This new Android App brings boat-monitoring technology to new heights. The intuitive display presents all of the boat?s critical systems: bilge, battery, position, intrusion alert, temperature, shore power, backup battery and more, in an intuitive and powerful dashboard, complete with a map and system controls.
Soft Shackles Soft shackles are the ideal replacement for metal shackles. The lightweight and highly loadable soft shackles made of Dyneema SK78 are versatile in use. These shackles are so much lighter than conventional metal shackles and are easy to open even after having been loaded.
Dyna Tech Dyna Tech is constructed with the ideal balance of Technora, polyester, and Dyneema fibers. Offering excellent abrasion resistance, heat dispensation and cut resistance as well as a lower friction coefficient, Dyna Tech yields the optimum levels of performance.
Spinnaker Furling Line A stiff, compact high tech rope with a tightly braided polyester cover and multi-stage braided aramid core. Can be used with any top down furling system. Can be terminated using mechanical end fittings. Its torque resistance allows rotation transfer at all points yielding faster and more even furling. Size range: 9mm to 15mm.
HTS 99 Ultra-light and exceptionally strong, HTS 99 utilizes 100% Dyneema? SK-99 fiber. The use of this high modulus fiber results increased strength and excellent creep resistance.
Whipping Twine Our innovative Whipping Twine make of Dyneema SK78 fiber excels mostly due to its high breaking loads and smooth surface. It is easy to handle and requires no additional waxing.