October 2007 Table of Contents



A cruisers gateway to Antarctica, farewell to a boatbuilder, port fees and hassles, The Moorings grows, CW’s Annapolis seminars, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

Short Story
Rusty keel bolts hint at more deeply rooted issues within boat and owner
by Melanie Neale


Under Way
A young sailor takes his cue from Harry Potter
by Zachary Foreman

Point of View
A hop along New Zealand’s coast makes him long, at times, for ocean sailing
by Webb Chiles

Sailor Profile
Margo Wood keeps alive the cult around Charlie’s Charts
by Nonnie Thompson



Cruising Connections
The motivations for women to go cruising are as diverse as the sailors themselves
by Amanda Swan Neal

Makeovers & Refits
Owners of Lave Yoseph and Five & Dime show off upgrades in saloon and galley
by Bernadette Bernon


Passage Notes
Along Spain’s Orange Blossom Coast, cruisers converge on the America’s Cup
by Jim Carrier

People & Food
A charter farewell dinner celebrates cultural crossroads and lasting friendships
by Lynda Morris Childress

Osprey’s Flight
A bare 20 miles into the inaugural stage of a far-ranging voyage, the silence is unsettling
by Wendy Mitman Clarke



The Best of the Bay
Away from the bright lights of Annapolis are some of the Chesapeake’s best gunkholes
by Ralph Naranjo

Steep Learning Curves, Spectacular Sailing
An Alaskan summer cruise serves up plenty
by Mike Litzow

John Mecray’s latest work marks the 30th anniversary of Ted Turner’s Cup defense
by Andrew Burton

South Pacific Tall Tales
Leave it to a guy like Fatty to run into the happiest people in the world in Vanuatu
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Potomac Adventure
A man in midlife can’t shake the destiny that awaits him in a 16-foot sailing dinghy
by Carl Hoffman

Best of Both Worlds
Yacht Style: Ted Hood’s Expedition 55 is muscular under sail or power
by Ralph Naranjo


Sailing the World, One Leg at a Time
Cruising in Stages: A veteran circumnavigator finds safe harbors, then lays up the boat so he’s always in the right place in the right season
by Jimmy Cornell

Wintering Over
Cruising in Stages: Leaving the boat on the hard for the winter gives the author a jump on the next summer’s cruise
by Myron Arms

On Being Well Connected
Monthly Maintenance: Fail to look after mast wires and you may end up out of touch, in the dark, or worse
by Steve D’Antonio

Don’t Try This at Home
Backyard Warrior: Giant swing set or hull scaffold? Only the warrior knows for sure
by Ben Zartman


With Radar, the More Power, the Better
Gear Test: The difference between 2-kilowatt and 4-kilowatt sets is clear in the pictures
by Ed Sherman

64 New Boats Hit the Water
Showcase 2008: Builders debut a healthy variety of the newest production models
by Jeremy McGeary

A Step Above the Rest
Boat Review: The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45 DS isn’t just a great sailboat. It’s a symbol of 50 years of success
by Herb McCormick


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