Oddity Afloat in the Azores

A cruising couple visits a bizarre parade in the town of Horta on Faial Island, Azores.

In April, Robert and Tania Pleischl set off on an extended cruise from Fort Myers, Florida, touring the Southeast coast of the United States before sailing across the Atlantic to the Azores. The couple's photo diary, www.saretasdream.com, is written in the voice of their Hans Christian 33 Saretta's Dream. This recent entry offers a running commentary on a bizarre parade the Pleischls witnessed on Faial Island, Azores:

"Tania could not quite figure out what this first float was trying to say-"PAZ" [Portuguese for "peace"] on a tank that was firing hydrangeas and playing John Lennon music at the same time!

"When the float of a group of older people in a bathroom setting appeared, she wondered what could be next?

"A float moved by which explained how to make their famous sweet bread. Instead of candy, the ladies were very busy cutting up [and handing out] slices of sweet bread for the kids. ([They were] very busy!)"

To visit the Pleischls' website, click here.