Photo Contest Results: Floating on Air

In the winning submission to our October photo contest, a skiff seems to defy gravity. "Community Spotlight" from our November 13, 2008, CW Reckonings

November 13, 2008

For all the time we spend on the water, it can be easy to forget the forces at work keeping us on the water as opposed to in it. Floating is a wondrous phenomenon, when you think about it. Sure, anyone who passed high-school chemistry can understand the principle of relative density, but for those of us who love messing about in boats, floating is a gift from the divine. “Boat in Water,” the winning submission to Cruising World‘s October photo contest, seems to remind us how magical it is to float. In the photo, a skiff rests in shallow, clear water, casting a shadow on the bottom as if hovering on air. The image almost seems like an illusion, until you realize that the only magician at work here is Mother Nature. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. This month’s judges were editor John Burnham, associate editor Andrew Burton, office manager Kathy Gregory, and professional photographer Marianne Lee.

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First Place


Contributor: [email protected]
Title: “Boat in Water”
[email protected]’s Description: “This photo was taken during our Greek cruise and stopover in Croatia.”
Judge’s Comments:
“What a beautiful shot in terms of texture and clear water.”-John Burnham

“The effect of the shadow and the clear water is pretty neat. It looks like the boat is just floating in the air.”-Marianne Lee

Second Place


Contributor: Terry Burrows
Title: “Linekin Bay, Maine, at Sunset”
Terry Burrows’s Description: “Oil calm at sunset”
Judge’s Comments:
“I love the colors in the sky and those the sea adds to the reflection. Theclassic dinghy in the foreground evokes memories of exploring under oars onsuch perfect evenings.” -Andrew Burton

“The colors are out of this world!” -John Burnham

Third Place


Contributor: mwatson
Title: “Light Air”
mwatson’s Description: “A little light air sailing on Lake Ontario”
Judge’s Comments:
“A special moment as the wind tries to fill in” -John Burnham

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