Photo Contest Results: Sun Sets on Summer

A lone sailboat runs down a dramatic sunset in "Lake Michigan Sailing," the winning submission to our September photo contest. "Community Spotlight" from our October 2, 2008, CW Reckonings

October 2, 2008

As the days grow shorter with the onset of fall, who among us doesn’t long for those midsummer evenings when there was ample time for an after-work cruise? Maybe that’s why “Lake Michigan Sailing,” submitted to CW’s September photo contest by community member wfgunn, moved the judges so: the photo, with its burning sky and silhouetted sailboat, perfectly captures the evanescence of a sunset cruise.

So thanks, wfgunn, for reminding us that summer doesn’t last. For this melancholy memento, the judging panel– senior editor Mark Pillsbury, office manager Kathy Gregory, and web editor Michael Lovett– awards you top prize.

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First Place

Contributor: wfgunn
Title: “Lake Michigan Sailing”
wfgunn’s Description: “Off Chicago’s coast…”
Judge’s Comments:
“Who wouldn’t want to be on that boat for the downwind run home?”-Mark Pillsbury

Second Place


Contributor: witchcraft
Title: “Witchcraft at the Mooring”
Judge’s Comments:
“I like this photo because it conveys the peace andtranquility of a safe mooring.” -Kathy Gregory

Third Place

Contributor: svandiamo
Title: “Knotwork at Anchor in Bowman Bay”
svandiamo’s Description:
“Our ’74 Cal 2-27 Knotwork at anchor in Bowman Bay just outside of Deception Pass, Washington. We were waiting for slack water to get through the pass.”


Judge’s Comments:
“I like the perspective of this photo. It’s always fun to get a broad view of an anchorage, especially one as scenic as Bowman Bay.” -Michael Lovett

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