Panerai Corinthian Classic Regatta

CW's Elaine Lembo shares her photographs from a weekend at the Panerai Corinthian Classic Regatta in Marblehead, Mass on August 13-14, 2011.

Panerai Corinthian Classic Pursuit Race

Classic yachts reach toward the mark in the Corinthian’s pursuit race Saturday. Elaine Lembo

Bob McNeil Cangarda

Bob McNeil, restorer and owner of the steam yacht Cangarda, the schooner Coronet, and the Herreshoff P-Class sloop Joyant, fired the cannon at sundown Saturday. Elaine Lembo

Sea Robin Ted Hood

Sea Robin, Ted Hood’s first fiberglass design, gets ready for the Panerai Corinthian Classic Regatta. Elaine Lembo

Russ and Will MacPherson

Father and son team Russ and Will MacPherson plot their next move aboard Sea Robin. Elaine Lembo

New York Yacht Club 40 Marilee

The 59-foot Herreshoff New York Yacht Club 40 Marilee took third place overall in the Corinthian. Elaine Lembo

Ted Hood and Robin

Ted Hood and Robin. Elaine Lembo

Panerai Corinthian Classic Regatta Image

Competitors mix it up before the start of the Panerai Corinthian Classic Regatta. Elaine Lembo

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