Piracy Runs Rampant in <i>CW</i> Forums

Concern over real-life pirates of the Caribbean has sparked debate in the CW forums. "Community Spotlight" from our August 21, 2008, CW Reckonings


Some members of the CW community swear by their shotguns as a protection against pirates. Would you bring a firearm aboard?Lindsey Nahmias

It started with a simple question posted to the CW forums by a Caribbean-bound cruiser: "Friends have warned me about increased pirating. Does anybody know if this is true?"

That's all it took to set the CW community abuzz with anti-piracy tactics, weapons-aboard debates, and firsthand war stories. From a cruiser at large who declares, "The only piece of equipment I wish we had is a shotgun," to a veteran circumnavigator who concludes, "I truly believe that the vast majority of people in this world are good, kind, and welcoming," attitudes towards piracy range from pugnacious to dismissive.

What do you think? How real is the threat? Is bringing a firearm aboard asking for trouble?

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