Problem Solvers Profiled on PBS

Sailors frequently make landfall in the far-flung locales that are settings for Saving the Ocean, a 10-part public-television series hosted by marine biologist and author Carl Safina. Check out our interview with Safina here.

Carl Safina

Courtesy of Saving the Ocean

Tune in to the series, which focuses on successful community steps toward reviving marine life everywhere from Zanzibar to Trinidad, via PBS (). CW had a chance to catch up with Safina, and here's what he had to say:

CW: How does this series allow you to combine your personal passions with a professional project?

CS: My passion is the ocean and trying to conserve and maintain the viability of all the things about the ocean that everyone enjoys. I did fisheries-policy work for a decade, and I studied seabirds for more than a decade. Being able to talk about it as my work is a thrilling privilege. The series is a new and different way of getting the word out.

CW****: Your prognosis about our planet links consequences of actions yesterday and today with tomorrow, not just for humans but for all plant and animal systems. Why does a diverse ecosystem matter?

CS: We'd like to live in an enriched world, not a world that's depopulated of other beings that have come over these many millions of years to be with us. I'd rather wake up in a world that has more rather than fewer living things that enrich us on a permanent basis.

CW: Liveaboard sailors are driven by their passion for this lifestyle and the freedom it lends; for many of the people with whom you've come in contact, sailing and the water-based life aren't choices—they're a matter of survival. Based on the stories you've uncovered, is there a lesson for recreational sailors inherent in their condition?

CS: The ocean is alive. It's not just a liquid surface and wind. It's a living system, and within it are many kinds of things. Many of the things we don't actually see support the things on which millions of human lives depend.

CW: If viewers have time to catch only one show, which one would you suggest?

CS: People don't have to watch them on TV. You can watch them on the web, and share them. I don't know how to pick one. I like them all.