Redwood City, Calif., police investigate fatal sailboat race accident

A sailboat is dismasted during "beer-can" racing, killing one of the sailors.

Sailboat accident

The San Mateo County coroner Thursday identified the man killed in a boating accident on San Francisco Bay as 39-year old Song Yun from Burlingame.

Yun was a guest on a boat taking part in a Sequoia Yacht Club a Beer Can Race when it hit a navigation marker in shallow water off Redwood City.

Somehow, the 42-foot Catalina sailboat named Bella with four people aboard got too close to the marker.

"A part of the sail or the rigging got entangled with one of the channel markers, it hung up the boat and snapped the mast off," said Redwood City police Lt. Sean Hart.

Investigators say the broken mast apparently struck Yun and one other sailor. That unidentified sailor is being treated at Stanford Hospital for head trauma.

"It's such a freak accident, a traumatic accident, we're all in shock," said Sequoia Yacht Club Commodore Winston Bumpus.

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