Best Cruiser, 40 to 49 feet: Dufour 45e

This boat stormed its category with sailing performance.

Dufour 45e BOTY winner

“In terms of sailing performance, this was one of the top boats that we tested.” Tim Murphy Billy Black

When it came time to pick a winner in the 40-footer category, the BOTY judges had to decide between three relatively similar performance-oriented boats; two were actually built by the same company.

But when they got down to the nitty-gritty of deck layouts, accommodations space, and, in particular, sailing performance, the Dufour 45e rose to the top with ease. Unlike some boats that really made an impression on the judges at the dock, the 45e caught their attention out on the water as soon as they started taking turns at the helm. During deliberations, they all agreed that it was one of the best sailing boats they evaluated during their four days of sea trials. One judge described the helm as feeling “dreamy,” and they all appreciated the easily driven hull’s clean wake and a sail plan that’s both powerful and easy to control. The test sail illustrates this point beautifully: The judges recorded 7.5 knots of boat speed while sailing in a mere 10 knots of breeze. Judge Tim Murphy found he had no trouble trimming both the main and the jib while steering, and tacking the boat singlehanded was straightforward, thanks to the double-ended mainsheet led back to winches at the wheels. The judges noted that the jib telltales were also clearly visible to the helmsman. The wide cockpit has good backrests and brace points so the crew remains secure in a seaway. And there’s plenty of room to lounge when not working. When it’s down, the drop-down swim platform provides a wide space from which to board the boat from the water; when it’s up, it provides a secure feeling in the cockpit.

In addition to the boat’s superior sailing performance, the judges felt its stylish and functional accommodations plan could work well for a family. The saloon settees are spacious, comfortable, and also provide two long sea berths. There’s also copious stowage space in cabinets along the hull in the saloon and under all the seat cushions. The owner’s cabin forward has a good-size double bunk, an en suite head, and plenty of stowage, and the C-shaped galley has the gimbaled stove and the counter and storage space you’ll need to comfortably prepare meals during voyages of a week or longer.


**Winning Details **

  • The boat’s overall sailing performance is outstanding.
  • It’s easy to sail singlehanded since both the double-ended mainsheet and jib sheets lead to winches near the wheels.
  • The accommodations plan is spacious and comfortable.