Catamaran or Monohull?

The debate soldiers on in the CW forums. "Community Spotlight" from our October 30, 2008, CW Reckonings


Would you rather live aboard a catamaran or a monohull? The [debate is on in the CW forums.Andrew Burton

With the U.S. presidential election around the corner, 'tis the season for spirited debate. Squaring off in the CW forums, however, it's not the Democrats versus the Republicans, it's cat lovers versus mono maniacs. Community member BobbyBeaumontTexas came "looking for good or bad reasons to buy a liveaboard catamaran" and seems to have rekindled this age old debate.

Osiris argues in favor of monohulls, pointing out that catamarans can't sail as close to the wind and tend to be more expensive. "A good reason for buying a catamaran," reasons the comic cruiser, "you won't have any money left in your wallet weighing down the vessel."

Others champion the cause of catamarans, citing their spaciousness and stability. How about you? If you were going to live aboard (or maybe you already do), would you prefer one hull or two?

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