Quick Look: Hallberg-Rassy 372

Jeremy McGeary reviews this traditional design with a modern rig for the CW 2009 Sailboat Show.


This new design from German Frers is not intended to replace the center-cockpit H-R 37 but to extend Hallberg-Rassy's line of aft cockpit models. The hull has a little more beam than earlier H-Rs, and because of judicious use of space, each part of the interior-saloon, galley, nav desk, head, staterooms-appears generously proportioned. The head is aft, where it's convenient for use at sea, and the galley looks a little larger than in some other boats of similar size.

On deck, the familiar windshield protects the forward end of the cockpit, but in a break from current convention there are no winches on the cabin trunk-control lines lead to coaming-mounted winches-and the mainsheet traveler is just forward of the wheel. The three sets of swept-back spreaders and the mainsail-driven sailplan also signal that H-R, known for its respect for traditional cruising concepts, is comfortable with contemporary design trends, though the keel retains the conservative proportions appropriate to a cruising boat.

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