Hard Times Call For Big Holiday Wishes

As the economy takes a dive, CW's Mark Pillsbury fills his holiday wish list with dreamboats like the Baltic 45, Gunboat 66, and Nordhavn 56. "Past the Spindle" from our December 11, 2008, CW Reckonings

December 11, 2008


If Santa’s worth his salt, I’ll have a new Baltic 45. Courtesty Of The Manufacturer

In a holiday season when even a little coal for the cabin heater might seem like a pretty useful and appreciated gift, you might as well go for the moon when it comes time to write your wish list.

You could, as I have, top yours with the new Baltic 45 daysailer, and if you got it, you’d know that you were having a very, very good day indeed. The company promises that it’s going to be one of the peppiest boats for its size, thanks to its carbon/Nomex construction, water ballast, and twin rudders and wheels a la the Open 60s now rocketing their way through the Southern Ocean in the Vendee Globe. Baltic says the boat’s designed by Reichel/Pugh to be campaigned singlehanded if need be, but I bet a guy who can afford one of these can muster up a few mates for an afternoon on the water. Hull Number One is destined for a client on the Great Lakes, but I’m hoping Santa has Hull Number Two loaded on the sleigh and coming to my house.

Courtesy of the manufacturer| |The Gunboat 66 gets a hull aflying.| A new Gunboat 66 would be pretty nice, too, but I don’t want to seem greedy. Then again, six of the new boats are under contract as we speak, so if they already have the molds, how can the elves complain about laying up just one more?


Early reports say the builder predicts the new model will hit speeds in excess of 30 knots and will have a daily cruising range of 300 or more miles. That will get you from Cape Town to Tortola in a hurry.

Courtesy of the manufacturer| |The elves have only to step the spar, and the Nordhavn 56 will be complete.| Or maybe comfort is your thing? Good news, the new Nordhavn 56 motorsailor has made a splash in Southern California. Now all she needs is for Santa to deliver her rig, expected to be in place by Christmas, and she’s set to go.

Courtesy of the manufacturer| |The Buizen Pilot House 60 looks comfy for cold weather.| OK, before I head for the pitcher of nog at the holiday party here in Newport, here’s one more sugar plum for the wish list, this one courtesy of Australia’s Buizen Pilot House Yachts. Their newest model is a 60-footer with stern and bow thrusters that will allow the boat to do donuts in the yacht basin with a shorthanded crew. The boat will have a self-tacking furling headsail, in-boom main, and hydraulic winches, as well.


Have a boat on your wishlist? Jot it down and send it along. We can compare who got what after New Years. Meantime, bring on the holiday cheer!

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