Quick Look: Jeanneau 57

Bill Springer reviews this new flagship for the 2010 Cruising World Sailboat Show in our January 2010 issue

December 23, 2009
Jeanneau 57 Jeanneau

The newest flagship of the Jeanneau line has many of the features you’d expect to find on a 57-foot, custom-built yacht-without the large custom-yacht price tag. Vittorio Garroni designed the deck plan and interior to supply a healthy dose of luxury, while the hull was designed by Philippe Briand to be easy to manage and provide speed and stability offshore. All this we saw at the dock, but we didn’t get to take the boat out on the water for a sail. That said, I’d expect that under way, the Jeanneau 57’s powered winches would provide ample sail-trim muscle, a large Volkswagen turbodiesel would easily push the boat along at hull speed, and the substantial tankage would meet the needs of a long-distance cruiser. In port, the stern opens up to form a large swim deck and reveals a dinghy garage that can swallow a 10-foot RIB. And of course, this long-legged cruiser has what no yacht can do without: the requisite refrigerator in the cockpit.


LOA 58′ 4″
LWL 50′ 2″
Beam 16′ 4″
Draft 8′ 2″
Sail Area 1,364 sq. ft.
Displacement 42,990 lb.
Water 265 gal.
Fuel 111 gal.
Engine 140-hp. VW Marine TDI
Designer Philippe Briand Yacht Design
Price $650,000
Jeanneau America
(410) 280-9400


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