More Maine Magic: The Lyman-Morse 55

This new offering from the Maine boatbuilder is designed and built to go to sea—and looks the part.

Lyman-Morse 55

At last fall's U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, we had the pleasure of meeting naval architect Ed Joy and learning of his latest project, a collaboration with his longtime colleague Chuck Paine on yet another intriguing vessel that will be built in Maine, the Lyman-Morse 55. Here's a brief overview from Ed's design brief:
"The Lyman-Morse 55 is the culmination of all the insight Cabot and Heidi Lyman have gained from circumnavigating the globe with their children, as well as building 102 offshore boats and maintaining many more. Adding the experience of the designers, there are over 250,000 ocean miles in the wake of the team behind this remarkable yacht.

“The Lyman-Morse 55 is designed and built to go to sea—and looks the part. An accomplished sailor will recognize that every detail has been conceived and executed with the needs of those who venture far offshore foremost in mind. Moderate in displacement, the hull shape provides a fine entry at the bow, a midship section for maximum stability, and a stern that minimizes squeezing and makes for an exhilarating turn of speed in a strong following breeze. Logbook entries showing 200-mile days will not be uncommon.”

Take a look at those lines. Whoa. They're not kidding. For more information, check out the Lyman-Morse's website.