Nominee Spotlight: Elan Impression 43

Join us as we take a closer look at the Elan Impression 43, the latest addition to the legendary Impression line, nominee for “Best Luxury Midsize Cruiser” in CW’s 2024 Boat of the Year competition.

For over 18 years since the debut of the first Elan Impression model, the Impression line has held a significant position in the family cruising segment. These vessels, often dubbed “modern classics,” have earned multiple awards and are widely recognized for their reliability, ease of maintenance and sailing, safety, rigidity, and durability. They have become synonymous with the idea of enjoying a worry-free, relaxing time on the water while exploring the world with family and friends. Some have even successfully circumnavigated the globe with minimal crew. Additionally, they have remained a favored choice for many investors due to their stable value retention in the world’s largest charter markets.

Rear of Elan Impression 43
Designed by Humphreys Yacht Design and styled by Pininfarina, the Elan Impression 43 boasts a modern wide-beam hull and a raised coach roof. Courtesy Elan Yachts

Although the Elan Impression models have undergone several iterations, redesigns, and modernizations, it has been a considerable amount of time since a completely new Elan Impression model has been introduced. Following the successful launches of the unique Elan GT6 and ambitious Elan E6, the decision was made to unveil a brand-new yacht to carry on the Impression Line’s legacy. Meet the Elan Impression 43, which scored a nomination for “Best Luxury Midsize Cruiser” in CW’s 2024 Boat of the Year competition.

Featuring a modern wide-beam hull, the Impression 43 offers more space compared to its predecessors. It maintains the traditional raised coach roof, referred to as a “semi-deck-salon,” and stands up well against its competitors. The hull and sail plan were designed by Humphreys Yacht Design, promising strong sailing characteristics, even when fully loaded.

Collaborating with the design studio Pininfarina, responsible for the award-winning Elan E6, resulted in appealing aesthetics for the Elan Impression 43.

rear right of the Elan Impression 43
A deep cockpit is sheltered at the forward end by high coamings, with lines led aft to just forward of the helm stations. Courtesy Elan Yachts

The hull and sail plan have been optimized to facilitate easy short-handed sailing. Elan’s customary 3D VAIL composite technology has been employed, creating a lightweight, sturdy, and secure construction process. This technology utilizes a vacuum-assisted infusion lamination process (VAIL) to produce a flawless hull without imperfections or air bubbles, coupled with a vinyl ester outer layer to ensure osmosis resistance. The “3D” aspect of this lamination is applied to the vertical and lateral stringers, enhancing the mechanical properties of the hull and rigging, contributing to Elan’s acclaimed hull stiffness. The deck also employs VAIL technology, adding to its lightness and durability. This construction process is not only advantageous for the vessel but also promotes worker safety and reduces environmental impact by minimizing chemical exposure and waste.

The yacht has twin rudders designed by Humphreys Yacht Design, ensuring rigidity, endurance, and precise control. This twin-rudder design facilitates fingertip steering and reduces the risk of broaching.

Large saloon in the Elan Impression 43
Quality finishes and a modern interior design by Elan in collaboration with Pininfarina, was conceived to maximize comfort and a sense of luxury on board. Courtesy Elan Yachts

The cockpit is designed for enjoyment, both at anchor and underway. With ample seating for up to 10 people, comfort is a priority. An optional modular cockpit table can convert into two sunbeds, allowing for lounging and sunbathing in the cockpit. Beautifully designed steering pedestals accommodate 9-inch electronics and a variety of other instruments. The twin helm with composite steering wheels provides freedom of movement aboard.

Numerous cockpit lockers offer ample space for a life raft and other essential equipment. Integrated into the deck are two transom boxes, expanding the seating area for the skipper and guests, and capable of holding a grill and a refrigerator. The yacht comes standard with a small bathing platform that can be upgraded to a larger platform, offering more space, safety, and a closed transom feel. Elan’s iconic transom seats, a hallmark of the Impression line, add a nice touch. The deck can be customized with synthetic or real teak, based on the owner’s preferences. Large, flush hatches and portlights in the coach roof bring in natural light and good ventilation. The yacht comes with a standard self-tacking jib, which can be upgraded to a genoa, among other options.

Moving to the interior, it boasts a “rustic” oak veneer and marine-grade plywood, contrasted with modern gray-colored storage cupboards. To enhance durability, solid oak wood finishes are applied to areas that are subject to the most wear and tear. The salon comfortably seats guests around a center table, flanked by two solid wood chairs that can be stowed in a dedicated space when sailing. The settee can also be easily converted into a double berth.

Elan Impression 43 saloon
Sharp, clean modern styling belowdecks contrasts rustic knotted oak cabinetry and bulkheads, along with large hull windows and windows in the coachroof. Courtesy Elan Yachts

The long side-galley has a three-ring stove with an oven and a front-opening refrigerator within a convenient L-shaped cabinet. This layout offers abundant surface space and cupboards for storage. The stove area is protected by easy-to-clean panels and is ventilated by a hatch above. Owners can choose between three- or four-cabin versions. The three-cabin version includes an en-suite with an island bed and a spacious head with a separate shower. Opting for the four-cabin version introduces a cabin with bunk beds, ideal for families or groups of friends.

Drone shot of the Elan Impression 43
The hull and sail plan have been optimized to facilitate easy short-handed sailing. Elan’s customary 3D VAIL composite technology has been employed, creating a lightweight, sturdy, and secure construction process. Courtesy Elan Yachts

Elan Impression 43 Specifications

Draft6’5” (standard); 5’7” (optional)
Mast Height65’3”
Displacement24,471 lb.
Water71.3 gal. (standard); 124 gal. (optional)
Fuel75.8 gal.