Passport 40

Passport 40 drawings

Henry Hill

No list of well-endowed cruising boats would be complete without including a design from Robert H. Perry. He's given us many from which to choose, and the Passport 40 makes a fine example. I like Perry's generous keels and robust skeg-hung rudders, and he certainly has an eye for a sweet line and a sweet-sailing hull.
Passport Yachts has spent three decades building a reputation for solid boats, and it's still doing just that. You can't say that about many companies that were building boats in Taiwan in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Passport 40 has a very standard layout, which works fine for me. I’d probably use the forward cabin, with its forward-facing double berth in port and avail myself of either of the saloon settees for a sea berth while under way. The L-shaped dining area has a couple of corners to tuck into, and the galley looks like it has plenty of brace points and will work at sea. I think I might’ve given up a little in the accommodations to gain enough length in the cockpit for stretching out on the seats. And I think I might’ve scooched all the saloon furniture toward the centerline to get more stowage around the periphery behind and under the settees, but this boat came at the dawn of the age of open space, so this is what you have to work with. It’s difficult with any Passport to say I like this or I don’t like that about the layout, because they’re all somewhat different.

Passport 40
Price range:
$129,000 to $155,000
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