September 2004 Table of Contents

The Sailing Life

Toad Rides Again!
On Watch by Steve Callahan
From the manic highs of self-congratulation to the despairing lows of disaster, our hero knows the way

Waiting for Weather
Letter from Aventura by Jimmy Cornell
Sailors sometimes watch whole seasons slip past as they wait for a perfect weather window


Landfalls in Homeschooling
Point of View by Lambert Block
When their second child goes to college, cruising parents celebrate a successful voyage

Dave and Jaja’s New Adventure
Sailor Profile by Steve Cartwright
Having pitched up in midcoast Maine, the Martins take a break from their years of voyaging

Working Hard at Playing
Passage Notes by David Allester
Having earlier avoided George-Town, Bahamas, last spring they found what they’d been missing


A Towel and a Smile
People and Food by Barbara Collins
Southern hospitality takes on fresh meaning as two sailors make Norfolk, Virginia, their new home

High and Dry
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
A winterlong refit forces the Bernons to find  their place between amp-hours and abstention



An Insider’s ICW
by Jon Eisberg
As this delivery skipper and cruiser marks his 200th passage through the Intracoastal Waterway, he pauses to share his tips on making a good trip out of the thousand-mile ride

Two Hulls for All Seasons
by Steve Callahan
Round versus V-shaped hulls, keels versus daggerboards, high freeboard versus low: A longtime multihull expert looks at today’s cats

One-Way Ticket to Tonga
by Tim Murphy
Cruising World’s Adventure Charter to Tonga last May coincided with the collapse of the local airline; for a happy couple of days, it looked like two dozen sailors had gone there to stay


Carrying the Fight
by Douglas Bernon
Gary Jobson had been a spokesman for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for more than a decade when he contracted lymphoma himself. Douglas Bernon caught up with him to talk about his challenges past, present, and future

Hands-on Sailor

Cruisin’ Art 101
Living Aboard by Margaret McCrea
When she set off to go cruising full-time, she brought brushes and paints; many years later, she has a lovely portfolio of artwork and tips to share with the rest of us

The Lowdown on Nuts and Bolts
Fasteners by Steve D’Antonio
You can learn a lot about your boat from the strange markings on the heads of its fasteners

A Hitch by Any Other Name
Seamanship by Knick Pyles
The rolling hitch is simple to tie, but there’s magic in its many surprising uses

Equipped to Carry On
Passagemaking by Evans Starzinger
A day-by-day accounting of what broke and how he fixed it on a 9,000-mile passage from Chile to Australia is the best kind of instruction

Boat Projects by Jeremy McGeary and Marya Butler
Do-it-yourself projects for improving life on board


A Beautiful Friendship
Boat Test by Ralph Naranjo
Barcelona’s North Wind Yard and the celebrated, 75-year-old design firm Sparkman & Stephens teamed up to create the luxurious North Wind 58

A Loaded Pistol
Boat Review by Tim Murphy
Pushing the upper limits of Corsair’s trailerable-trimaran formula, the Corsair 36 offers a roomier, drier ride than its smaller stablemates

Comfort and Character
Classic Plastic by Barbara Gail Warden
The Newporter 40 offers lots of liveaboard room but won’t be confined to a dockside berth

Handsome and Hardworking
New Products by Jeremy McGeary
Continuous-line furling and a state-of-the-bilge monitor are highlights of this month’s new gear


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