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August 15, 2007

In search of humpbacks off Hawai’i, Grenada’s underwater art show, Mexico’s “nautical stairway,” Atlantis foul-weather gear, books, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

Letter from Aventura
Hundreds of islands and a gorgeous coastline make Croatia a victim of its own success
by Jimmy Cornell

On Watch
Caring for an engine is like meditation, only dirtier
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander


Passage Notes
Their numbers may be thinning, but cruising families of modest means still pick the Bahamas as a destination
by Melanie Neale and Dan Roblee

People and Food
Galley slaves can enjoy sundowners when the pressure cooker does the work
by Jennifer Goff

Log of Ithaka
A boy’s matchbook collection fosterad a six-year voyage. Now it’s over. What comes next?
by Douglas Bernon



Bahamas Bound
This crew can’t resist the lure of a tropical destination only 50 miles from the Florida coast
by Ilana Stern

Cruising-guide author Steve Pavlidis serves up his best bets for exploring:
The Abacos
The Exumas
The Jumentos


Ranger’s View of Sailing’s Oldest Trophy
Humble witness to the America’s Cup, this Allied Seabreeze owner grows weary of corporate airs and expectations of proper dress
by Jim Carrier

Rekindling a Waning Cruising Spirit
In the Tuamotus, a day trip with an island clan leads to a royal invitation
By Tina Dreffin

A Balancing Act on Two Hulls
Yacht Style: Designer Chris White takes into account the cruiser’s need for space and speed, and he pulls it off with the Atlantic 57
by Tom Linskey



How to Sell Your Boat
Selling Up: Take the proactive approach , and you’ll soon be kissing your boat good-bye
by Jeremy McGeary

His Nose Always Knows
Upgrades: How well you care for the engine and head will influence victory over
“smells from hell”
by Ken Textor

In the Spanish Tradition
Projects: Bits of line and sticks fashioned into a Spanish windlass save a perplexing onboard repair
by Cade Johnson

Resealing Port Trim Rings
Systems: Maintain portholes so that light and air, not water, stream through belowdecks
By Ann Hoffner

Anchoring in the Bahamas
Seamanship: When wind and current are at play, double up and stay put
by Steve Pavlidis

On Bahamas Weather
Voyaging: Knowing which way the wind blows and when helps in planning cruising itineraries
by Ilana Stern

Tie Up and Plug In
Monthly Maintenance: Keep tabs on the contacts at both ends of the electrical cable
by Steve D’Antonio

Sew It Yourself
Repairs: Follow these four steps and your midpassage sail repair with withstand the test
by Beth A. Leonard


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