Shallow Waters Welcome

Expedition charters aboard the BOTY-award winning Presto 30 are offered throughout North America.

April 19, 2011

Thorfinn Expeditions

Thor Emory conducts his sailing charters aboard Thorfinn, which carries dual carbon masts and wishbone booms. Elaine Lembo

Outdoor enthusiast Thor Emory’s multi-sport trifecta is a combination of kayaking, climbing, and sailing in remote areas. So it makes sense that the former Outward Bound instructor with an affinity for coastal environments has chosen the innovative, trailerable Presto 30, winner of the _CW_ 2011 Boat of the Year Spirit Award as a platform for custom, multi-day adventures.

With the centerboard up, Emory’s flagship, Thorfinn, designed by Rodger Martin, can venture into waters less than two feet deep.

“We’re focused on going sailing,” he told me when I caught up with him on the docks at the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show last week in Oakland, California. “We can do daysails, multi-day sails, camping ashore, or we can arrange for overnight stays on land,” he said. Though the interior lacks headroom, the boat can handle four people overnight in modest accommodations. On deck, it can handle a crew of six.


North American trip lineup includes charters in the Pacific Northwest, Maine, Bras d’Or Lakes, Florida, Bahamas, and Newfoundland. For more details log on to Thorfinn Expeditions.


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