SIMRAD Wins Four NMEA Best-Product Awards

SIMRAD Marine Electronics received four awards for Best Product from the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) at its 2001 Convention in November. Held this year at the Sanibel Harbor Resort in Florida, the NMEA Convention was attended by the world’s leading marine electronics manufacturers, distributors, dealers, sales representatives, and marine professionals. The awards recognize products for their superior design, performance and reliability. Four different SIMRAD products won in the following categories: Yachting, Commercial, Gyro Compass, and Electronic Compass. The SIMRAD winners are:

1. Yachting: The AP20 Series Autopilot: The AP20 Series Autopilot. The series includes the AP20, which features a 5-inch graphic display as part of the control unit. The AP22 features a more compact control unit, yet offers the same steering software and operational characteristics as the AP20. The AP21 is an ergonomically designed, handheld model that can be used as a stand-alone station or as a second station. Each model can be used to control a variety of SIMRAD drive units including hydraulic pumps, linear drives or rotary drives, depending on the vessel size and type of steering system.

2. Commercial: The AP9 MK3: This is popular among commercial fleets throughout the world. It offers a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, and it will interface with virtually any type of steering system. Its dual compass inputs provide an off-course alarm for the gyro compass compared to the magnetic one, and it features two complete sets of pre-programmable steering parameters. The AP9 MK3’s ability to hold a course in any sea condition and its long term dependability under the most demanding conditions are why so many professional captains and fleet operators rely on it.

3. Gyro Compass: For the ultimate in steering accuracy, many commercial ships and large yachts depend on SIMRAD’s RGC50 Gyro Compass. The RGC50 is a compact, 24VDC, true-north-seeking device designed for vessels which traditionally have relied upon a magnetic compass as their primary-heading reference. This no-compromise unit is virtually unaffected by heel and roll, and is especially useful on steel vessels.

4. SIMRAD’s RFC35R Electronic Compass offers superior performance in vessels that are difficult to steer in high latitudes, and on high speed or steel vessels. It is an excellent way to improve upon the performance of conventional fluxgate or magnetic compass systems.

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