South Pacific

From Tahiti, Tonga and Fiji to Vanuatu, the Cook Islands and beyond—sailing charter vacations in the South Pacific Islands offer adventures for all abilities.

South Pacific
Saphira on a bluewater passage

A Dream Takes Flight

The 70-foot catamaran Saphira was years in the making for this couple who wanted the perfect boat to cruise the world.


Sailing Totem: Uncertain Cruising Plans

The ongoing pandemic continues to create uncertainties for a sailing family, but COVID restrictions don’t stop them from visiting friends and relatives back in the States.

Sailors visiting the home of a Fiji local.

Fiji’s Blue Lane Initiative

In a time when most other Pacific island nations were closing their borders to cruisers, Fiji figured out a way to welcome them.

Vivian Vuong

The Outlook for Cruising 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic raised some serious questions for cruisers in 2020. Here, sailors around the world share their experiences and offer insight into the possibilities during the new normal.

Cap’n Goodlander

Anchoring in Paradise

Circumnavigator Cap’n Fatty Goodlander offers a few tips for anchoring in challenging conditions found in the South Pacific.

Bora Bora schematic

Sailing Totem: Time to skip Tahiti?

With new anchoring restrictions in some of French Polynesia’s most popular cruising destinations, some sailors are wondering if they should change their plans.

fisherman casting a net

Far Out Tonga

A pair of adventurous sailors find Tonga’s remote Niua island group to be just the cruising experience they’re looking for.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey

Sailing Fiji

A cruising sailor returns to a favorite island in Fiji 25 years later.