Around the World in 50 Destinations

Dream Yacht makes sailing dreams come true with its diverse, worldwide charter offerings.
Catamaran in the Seychelles
“Sail away to paradise – Dream Yacht’s charter vessels await in idyllic waters.” Dream Charter Worldwide

Dreaming of the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and pure sailing exhilaration in the environs of an exotic destination? Perhaps it’s an annual quest. Or a lifelong dream. But where to begin? Once you’ve identified the destination, finding a reputable charter company, well-maintained boats and staff with intimate, local knowledge can be a daunting task.

What if you love the water, have spent many hours on your favorite lake or river but are not comfortable heading out on the ocean with your family all by yourself? With a bareboat charter out of the question and luxury-sailing-yacht charter options often out of reach, for many, the dream of sailing the big blue has remained just that—a dream.

But fear not, ye wistful ocean lover, whether you are a neophyte or an expert mariner, Dream Yacht Worldwide is uniquely positioned to facilitate those sailing dreams.

Founded in 2000 in the Seychelles, Dream Yacht was the vision of founder Loïc Bonnet, who set out to revolutionize the charter industry by making sailing an accessible activity for sailors and nonsailors alike. What began with six sailing charter vessels cruising the idyllic waters of the Indian Ocean has expanded dramatically over the past two decades.

Today Dream Yacht offers nearly 1,000 sailing yachts from 34 feet to 58 feet and power and sailing catamarans in 50 of the world’s most exquisite cruising destinations. What’s even better? Dream Yacht is purposefully designed to provide sailors of any skill level the sailing experience of their dreams.

“Experience the thrill of the open sea with Dream Yacht’s bareboat charters, a sailor’s dream come true.” Dream Charter Worldwide

On Location

With Dream Yacht Worldwide, you can think beyond the BVI and Caribbean milk runs, although there are plenty of Dream Yacht charter vessels in these areas too. Dream Yacht Worldwide offers more choices of destinations around the world than any other yacht charter company. This gives exceptional peace of mind that lets you know that no matter what destination you choose next, the charter vessels will be well-maintained and offered at the same high standard of service you’ve come to expect of Dream Yacht based on the sailing grounds you’ve already come to know. 

In fact Dream Yacht has so many destinations to choose from that if you decided to go sailing for a whole year, you could explore new cruising grounds every week without visiting the same islands twice, unless you wanted to. Imagine gunkholing in Thailand’s remote coves and anchorages, diving off the bow in Tahiti, or sailing under a fjord’s waterfall in Norway. 

Andaman Sea
“Sailing can let you discover the finest, most interesting and beautiful places in the world.” Dream Charter Worldwide

Picture yourself savoring the cuisine and soaking up the Mediterranean culture while meandering along the coastlines of Italy, France, Greece or Spain. Step back in time in Croatia or Turkey, or battle the elements in the rugged seas of the Atlantic off Brittany or La Rochelle. With many European countries not just sporting one, but three or four Dream Yacht bases you will get the opportunity to constantly sail where the wind and weather is best for sailing at that time of the year.

Woman on catamaran in Dubrovnik
“Set sail on a journey of freedom and discovery with Dream Yacht’s bareboat charters, charting your own course through paradise.” Dream Charter Worldwide

Perhaps you envision catching the elusive green flash from the aft cockpit in a beautiful Caribbean or Bahamian destination, watching the sunrise, with your morning coffee, along the US eastern seaboard, or charting a new course in the Sea of Cortez or the Whitsunday Islands. From St. Martin to Sweden, the destinations offered by Dream Yacht will inspire you to expand your sailing horizons.

“Become the captain of your own destiny – Dream Yacht’s bareboat charters offer ultimate independence on the open waters.” Dream Charter Worldwide

Dream Yacht’s unique premise is simple. Once you’ve selected a destination, it’s time to identify your preferred vacation style. Dream Yacht offers sailing experiences to suit every cruising preference, from bareboat and skippered to by-the-cabin and fully crewed charters or long-term rentals.

The Bare Essentials

When all you need is a reliable, well-maintained vessel that you can handle yourself, a Dream Yacht bareboat charter is for you. With a bareboat charter, you take care of your own provisioning, plan your own itinerary, and spend your days exploring at your own pace. The caveat? You must be experienced with the type of vessel you plan to charter and in some countries need official documentation regarding your skills. If you plan to explore the Mediterranean, for example, you will need your ICC certification. 

Kayaking in Polynesia
“For sailing enthusiasts seeking the ultimate challenge, Dream Yacht’s bareboat charters deliver an unforgettable oceanic experience.” Dream Charter Worldwide

Aye Aye, Captain

Leave the anchoring and the chart plotting to the captain on this vacation with a Dream Yacht skippered charter. Perfect for those with little to no sailing experience—or for those who simply want to sit back and enjoy the world go by—a skippered charter brings a professional and experienced captain on board to man your vessel. Dream Yacht’s captains all have professional sailing experience and vast local knowledge of their respective destinations.

All the Bells and Whistles

For the complete all-the-frills experience, consider a fully crewed yacht charter. With this option, you and up to 11 guests can set sail on a large private monohull or catamaran yacht, and be catered to from the moment you step foot on board until your departure. Dream Yacht Worldwide hand-picks your professional crew to handle the itinerary, provisioning and daily cabin service, and you will enjoy water toys, a fully stocked bar, and scrumptious meals prepared to your culinary preferences by your own personal hostess.

“Indulge in luxury – a fully crewed yacht charter promises an all-inclusive sailing adventure for you and your guests.” Dream Charter Worldwide

Dream Yacht’s “easy crewed” product offers a bridge between a skippered and fully-crewed charters for groups of up to 10 family members or friends traveling together. You decide how little or how much service you need. Easy crewed charters are currently offered in select destinations in the Mediterranean, the Seychelles, Tahiti, the BVI, and Martinique.

Space for Two…or a Few

If a whole boat is more than you need, you may be most comfortable with a cabin charter, which is a shared-vessel experience that gives you a single or double cabin with a private en suite in the company of other like-minded travelers. The cabin charterers share a full crew, a set itinerary, daily meals with drinks and snacks, and the option for additional onshore excursions.

A Quest for Sustainability

As pioneers in their industry Dream Yacht just started adding a selection of electric sailing catamarans to their charter fleet. Quietly and emission-free gliding through the waves, even when there’s no wind to power you, is another sailing dream come true.

Aura 51 catamaran
“Become the captain of your own destiny – Dream Yacht’s bareboat charters offer ultimate independence on the open waters.” Dream Charter Worldwide

With 50 full-time and seasonal locations throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Oceania, Asia, the Americas and Europe, Dream Yacht Worldwide has become a household name in sailing charter vacations. Loïc Bonnet’s vision of offering more boats, more destinations and more choice than anyone else is now a reality, and with its high standard of service, local knowledge and suggested itineraries, Dream Yacht is both an avid sailor’s and a novice’s dream guide to discovering the world’s best destinations.

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