Bitter End Expands Watersports Program

A haven for sailors and watersports enthusiasts since 1969, Bitter End Yacht Club has unveiled a treasure trove of new offerings to its watersports program.
Bitter End Yacht Club watersports
The Watersports shack offers a vast club fleet of sailboats, windsurfers, wings & foils, SUP boards and more. Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End Yacht Club continues to gain momentum since the resort reopened in late 2021. The iconic resort, located in North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI has been a haven for sailors and watersports enthusiasts since 1969 with a litany of ways to play in, on and around the water. Now, in the early months of 2024, Bitter End Yacht Club emerges with a wave of excitement, unveiling a treasure trove of new offerings to their watersports program.

Sail up to Bitter End’s state-of-the-art Quarterdeck marina, where you’ll be greeted on the dock by one of the most professional and enthusiastic crews the BVI has to offer, sure to give you the full scoop on all the bustling property’s ongoings. From there, just a short walk down the sugar sand beach, past the only sunken-boat-turned-bar in the BVI, you’ll find the Watersports Shack, where BEYC’s team of experts will get you acquainted with their club fleet of sailboats, windsurfers, wings & foils, SUP boards and more. Whether you’re a serious sailor, or dipping a toe in, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy and learn on the North Sound.

“It is heartwarming and exciting to see our Club Fleet growing again with new sailboats, paddleboards, kayaks and whalers exploring our watersports playground…” said Lauren Hokin, founding family member. “Our Club Fleet is central to the Bitter End experience. We are thrilled to welcome new opportunities for adventure and education on North Sound as we chart a course towards an even brighter future.”

In addition to private lessons, adventure sailing and Bitter End’s (in)famous Beer Can Regattas, the team has added a number of new boats, and activities to their line-up for the 2024 season.

Sporting the resort’s emblematic cleat on their Bitter End Provisions gear, sailing instructors Gemma and Geoff excitedly rig the latest additions to the fleet: two neon yellow RS Zests. In collaboration with Zim Sailing, North America’s largest small boat manufacturer and distributor, the versatile dinghies have traveled nearly 2,000 miles to complement BEYC’s existing fleet. These vessels, reminiscent of the ILCA and Sunfish class, combine speed with stability, promising an exhilarating day on the water for sailors of all skill levels. With the RS Zests at their disposal, adventurers set sail to explore the hidden coves and azure waters of Virgin Gorda and neighboring islands. Marina Manager Nick Putman says, “The RS Zests have been an amazing compliment to our fleet. We wanted to bring in a monohull platform that was high-performance for experienced sailors, but also approachable enough for junior sailors or someone new to the sport. I don’t think there’s been a single day those boats haven’t left the beach since they arrived!” 

Beyond the RS Zests, the return of Kinto Sprauve’s weekly snorkel excursion has been cause for celebration. Pre-Irma guests will remember heading out beyond Prickly Pear Island to explore some of the BVI’s most colorful reefs, one aptly named for Kinto himself. With a fully packed cooler onboard, guests can dip below the surface to discover kaleidoscopic reefs teeming with sea life. From Eagle Rays to the BVI’s Spiny Lobster, each dive is a revelation, a testament to the boundless wonders of the Caribbean’s aquatic ecosystem.

For guests seeking a bit more tranquility, a morning mangrove paddle or stand-up paddle yoga class is in order. Enthusiasts converge atop paddle boards for a not-too-serious fusion of fitness and tranquility. With the backdrop of a protected cove on the quiet south end of Bitter End, paddle board yoga sessions offer a soulful retreat, while the mangrove paddle is perfect for taking in the flora and fauna of the BVI with a moderate workout.

As visitors chart their course through the watersports offerings, Bitter End beckons with a promise of unparalleled, bespoke experiences, just like they have been for over 50 years. From paddle boarding to snorkeling and the thrilling addition of RS Zests to the growing Club Fleet, every moment spent at this maritime haven is a celebration of the seafaring spirit.

What’s next on the horizon for Bitter End? Stay tuned…