An Impression of Pan-European Harmony

Immerse yourself in the philosophy of Battista “Pinin” Farina as it comes to life in this harmonious blend of form and function, offering a spacious, light-filled haven for families at sea.
Elan Impression 43 at sunset
Beauty, simple elegance, and harmony describe the Italian artistic approach to the design on the Elan Impression. Elan Yachts

“A sense of proportion, simplicity, and harmony of line, such that after a considerable time, there is still something more alive than just a memory of beauty.” That’s how Battista “Pinin” Farina—founder of the design firm whose clients included Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and now Elan Yachts—described his approach to Italian design.

The new Elan Impression 43 expresses those values in its own harmonious blend of form and function. Built in Slovenia on a hull designed by UK-based Humphreys Yacht Design, this Impression draws on some the best design thinking from across Europe. From a fine bow, its full hull sections, carried well aft, provide the power to stand up to a nearly 1,000-square-foot sail plan while offering the space below to accommodate a whole family in perfect comfort.

Elan Impression 43 interior
This bright open concept allows space to sprawl below deck. Elan Yachts

Light pours in through the windows of this modified deck-salon layout, illuminating the knotty oak interior; the effect is at once modern in the way of a Milan apartment and cozy in the way of a country farmhouse. The layout comes with either three or four private cabins; the three-cabin layout features an island queen berth with en suite shower and head.

The creators at Elan know how families will use their time—not just on the water, but also in the water. A versatile cockpit featuring twin wheels outboard opens up the centerline from the companionway through the transom and onto the fold-down swim platform, where all the best watersports begin. The builder’s attention to safety is evidenced in a dedicated life-raft locker, right near the transom, just where you want it should you ever need it.

Elan Impression 43 anchored
The Impression at anchor with the fold-down swim platform for easy access to the water. Elan Yachts

Under sail, those same twin wheels put the helmsman outboard, to windward or leeward, with the best view of the sails and any surrounding traffic. Elegantly designed pedestals are both a solid handhold for crew and guests walking through the cockpit and a generous platform for navigation equipment.

Boat of the Year judges testing the Elan Impression 43 on the water
The 2024 Cruising World Boat of the Year judging crew puts the sailing performance of this cruiser to the test. Walter Cooper

Below the waterline, twin rudders ensure that this big Impression answers her helm as the breeze rises. Sail controls are simplified and safe, with all mainsheet blocks forward of the cockpit, and all lines run to the protected aft end of the cabin house. Shrouds brought to the sheerline and swept-back spreaders give ample support to the rig while also promoting inboard sheeting for the headsails, enabling higher pointing angles. The high-end construction features foam core for a strong, lightweight structure and infused polyester resin throughout the laminate to control the resin ratio and emissions. Elan Yachts has long been a pioneer in vacuum-infusion processes; with this boat they carry that forward thinking a step further by infusing all transverse and longitudinal stringers for true monocoque strength.

A Yanmar diesel engine comes standard, with available power from 45 to 80 horsepower, though the boat is also available with Oceanvolt electric propulsion and an integrated lithium-ion battery system. Taken together, the Elan Impression 43 is a powerful boat to sail, a luxurious home on the water, and a most elegant yacht to see across the water.

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