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Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership Offers Unique Fractional-Ownership Program
Dream Yacht Charter boat
Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership’s Fractional-Ownership Program turns your yacht ownership dreams into a hassle-free reality.

The daydreams are real: You’re moored in an exotic anchorage, savoring a gourmet meal on the aft deck with family and friends; you’re welcoming your business associates aboard your beautiful yacht for cocktails and networking; you’re sailing into the sunset in the BVI at the helm of your catamaran…. Until the realities of cleaning, dockage, maintenance, insurance and, oh yes, the overall cost of a yacht itself interrupt your yacht-ownership daydream in record-scratching fashion.

Thanks to a new and improved fractional program through Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership, your sailing-yacht-ownership daydream can now become a hassle-free reality.

What is Fractional Yacht Ownership?

A fractional-ownership program allows you and other like-minded individuals to purchase a share (or more) of a yacht in exchange for an allocated number of weeks of use per year. It offers an attractive buy-in price and shared usage costs that allow you to enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership without the prohibitive costs of full ownership. While some fractional programs have seen success, others have stumbled when it comes to the allocation of popular holiday weeks, destinations available, upkeep of the yacht, and return on investment. 

Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership has addressed these limitations with Dream Fractional, its unique fractional program, which immediately distinguishes itself from other programs with a low buy-in rate, legal titled ownership, reciprocal usage of other yachts in the program, and percentage payout of charter income from the owned yacht.

Bali catamaran on the ocean
Dream Fractional: Your Gateway to Yacht Ownership

How Does Dream Fractional Work?

Dream Fractional offers ownership of one of five shares in a participating sailing monohull or catamaran. Dream Yacht retains one share of ownership, thereby affording owners a low 20 percent buy-in rate with shared usage across four owners instead of five. Each owner receives legal titled ownership per share purchased (unlike timeshares that provide members only a leased interest in the asset), with operating expenses managed by Dream Fractional and split among the co-owners.

Each Dream Fractional owner will enjoy five weeks of use aboard their shared yacht with reciprocal usage rights to any of the Dream Fractional yachts worldwide. As part of the Dream Yacht Group, which oversees one of the world’s largest fleets of sailing monohulls, catamarans and power catamarans in 50 destinations worldwide, Dream Fractional owners will enjoy concierge booking service and complete management of financials, insurance, cleaning, maintenance, and charter bookings through Dream Yacht’s experienced management network.

Galley of a catamaran charter
Dive into co-ownership and sail the seas in style, enjoying the benefits of yacht ownership while leaving the hassles behind.

What Yachts Participate in the Dream Fractional Program?

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Dream Fractional program is the selection of yachts offered. Dream Yachts works with the world’s leading boat manufacturers such as Fountaine-Pajot, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bali, Dufour, Lagoon and Excess. Whether it’s a 46-foot Lagoon based in the BVI or a 42-foot Bali based in St. Martin, Dream Yachts offers a curated selection of its most popular charter yachts for fractional ownership, which allows the yacht to be chartered out when not in use by an owner. In turn, a one-quarter share of 65 percent of any charter income is paid to each owner quarterly.

This feature is particularly enticing to frequent charter clients who will appreciate the investment opportunity as well as the ability to select from a variety of yachts based in destinations around the globe. Owners are not limited to one share and can purchase more than one to increase their boat usage to 10 weeks per year.

Catamaran on the ocean
Experience the freedom of sailing different Dream Fractional yachts around the world, all managed with expert care.

What’s My Return on Investment?

The Dream Fractional program offers the benefits of full yacht ownership management at a fraction of the cost, with the flexibility of reciprocal usage across a select group of well-managed yachts worldwide. Current participating yachts in the program range from a 39 foot Bali Catsmart in Grenada to a 46 foot Lagoon catamaran in the British Virgin Islands.

As a legal, titled co-owner of a popular charter yacht with an established charter program, Dream Fractional clients will enjoy a quarterly payout share of 65 percent of charter revenue, which further offsets the shared operating expenses. 

Yachts are kept in the program for 66 months (five-and-a-half years). At the end of the program, Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership fully manages the resale process, which includes finding buyers and coordinating offers—with fractional owners given the priority to purchase the yacht themselves. After the sale, each owner then recovers his or her share of the final selling price.

“Between the initial purchase-price savings realized by utilizing a yacht-sharing model, and the quarterly charter-revenue income, Dream Fractional makes owning a yacht much more attainable,” says Dan Lockyer, Dream Yacht’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Add to this equation the boat’s sale at the end of the program at an average of 50 to 55 percent of the original price, and the numbers become very attractive. For those who enjoy charter vacations, the reciprocal sailing in amazing destinations around the world makes it an easy decision.”

Dream Yacht Charter catamaran during sunset
No more compromises – Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership’s Dream Fractional program lets you own a portion of a top-tier yacht, providing the best of both worlds.

In tandem with the Dream Yacht Group’s overarching aim to make sailing accessible to all, the Dream Fractional program is designed specifically to make yacht ownership easy and more accessible. By testing the waters of yacht ownership without the limitations of high costs or overwhelming responsibilities, you can now turn that daydream into the realization of the big dream. So, go ahead—it’s time to buy the yacht.

For more information on Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership Dream Fractional program, please visit https://landings.dreamyachtsales.com/dream_fractional.

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