Spot Seabirds, Help Scientists

Heading offshore? Take part in the inaugural Seabird Count!

Sea Birds

Jeanne Socrates

If you’re heading offshore this November or December, consider participating in the first “SeaBC” or Seabird Count.

Due to their remote habitats, seabirds are difficult for scientists and conservation groups to count and track. But this is where offshore cruisers can help! All you have to do is tally up your sightings (don't worry—you don't need to be an expert), submit them via the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's eBird website (click on "Submit Observations", and share your experiences with other boaters. Young birders are encouraged to participate as well will receive a personalized 2011 SeaBC certificate.

“If you’re on the water and interested in nature, then you can help," says organizer Diana Doyle. “The cruising community is a huge untapped resource for citizen science. We’re tuned into the environment, interested in the marine world, and explore less-traveled areas. And there are literally thousands of us out there.”

You can learn more about the SeaBC and download the instructions and tally sheets at (click on "SeaBC/Resources" on the left).