Spring Video Contest Winners: Windows to Other Worlds

An adventurous crew invites us aboard their fast-moving trimaran in Dan Marshall's contest-winning video. "Community Spotlight" for our June 25, 2009, CW Reckonings

Submissions to CW‘s Spring Video Contest run the gamut from lo-fi to hi, showcasing warm climates to cold, trimarans to tenders. Common to all these videos, however, is a window to another world. Each of the contributions offers the viewer a glimpse into another cruiser’s personal sailing universe, where each crew runs its own routine, each boat makes its own wave, each seaway reflects its own hue.

The winning video, Dan Marshall’s “Life Aboard Titi Nui,” takes us on a passage from Panama to New Zealand aboard a 60-foot trimaran, showing some of the things this three-person crew does to pass the time, like lounge on the trampoline and suspend themselves in a bosun’s chair off the stern.

Congratulations, Dan, you’re the winner of a custom V-berth bedspread courtesy of Welcome Aboard. And thanks to everyone who participated for sharing their cruising world with Cruising World.


(Click each screenshot to watch the video)

First Place

Contributor: dan_marshall
Title: “Life Aboard Titi Nui”


dan_marshall’s Description: “Life aboard a 60-foot, carbon-fiber trimaran with three crew sailing from Panama to New Zealand”

Judges’ comments:

“The people and the sailing look really fun, and who wouldn’t want to be the one out there bouncing about in the bosun’s chair? This video really lived up to it’s name and showed what life was like on the tri.”
-Mark Pillsbury


“I like this one because you get a feel of what it’s like to be onboard, and hanging from the boom in the middle of the ocean looks like fun.”
-Bill Springer

Second Place

Contributor: nzskipper
Title: “Sailing Beautiful Whitsunday Islands, Australia”


nzskipper’s Description: “Heading out from Airlie Beach (my home anchorage) to favourite Whitsunday Island locations aboard my 32-foot trimaran”

Judges’ comments:

“I think this video has the best production quality of the bunch. I like the pacing and the variety of locations. It must be tricky to shoot such high-quality video footage while singlehanding a trimaran.”
-Michael Lovett

“I want be him. Seriously, I’d like to kick him off his own boat and take over his world.”
-Marianne Lee

“I thought the sounds of nature and the water were nice and serene. It’s a simple video, but I liked the color of the water, the marble patterns in the low tide, and seeing so much peaceful, undeveloped paradise in a well-edited piece. The slides at the very end were great and colorful as well.”
-Pete Matchett

Third Place

Contributor: stonehorse46
Title: “Building a Bateka”

stonehorse46’s Description: “Over the Winter, Jeff Makholm constructed a wooden dinghy, an 8’6″ Bateka, from vintage Concordia plans. The construction was meticulous, the details are fascinating, and the result is nothing short of beautiful.”

Judges’ comments:
“I like this video because it gives you a feel for what it would be like to build a beautiful little tender and then take it for its first row with friends.”
-Mark Pillsbury

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