Spruce Up Your Harbor, Win Big Bucks

An Interlux-sponsored contest rewards boaters who undertake eco-friendly projects.


Organizing a beach clean-up is just one way your group could win the Waterfront Challenge, a contest sponsored by Interlux.Courtesy Jim Ewing

Interlux, the paint company with the slogan "Our World is Water," is putting its money where its mouth is.

With its Waterfront Challenge, Interlux is encouraging boaters to put together small groups--as few as three people--to take on small-scale but effective waterfront environmental improvement projects and carry them through to completion. Right now across the United States as part of this program there are people rebuilding docks for the handicapped, cleaning up beaches, lakes, and river banks, and teaching kids by direct example what it means to protect the waters they love.

What are you doing?

Interlux has set aside $60,000 in prize money for those groups that do extraordinary things. At the end of October six judges will determine the best projects, naming seven regional winners of $5000 and one grand-prize winner of $25,000.

Think about a project of your own, something fun and useful. Maybe it would be worth pitching your idea to your family, your yacht club, or your buddies? You could round up some kids to help you. Maybe you could even teach them something important?

All the information you'll need to step up to the challenge is on the internet at www.wfchallenge.com. If you have questions, email me at douglasbernon@wfchallenge.com.