Raymarine Quantum 2 CHIRP Dome Radar With Doppler

Utilizing Doppler means this radar delivers realistic onscreen motion with color-coded targets

It’s a no-brainer: Mariners love chirp pulse-compression technology that delivers target detection from 18 feet to 24 miles, and they love Wi-Fi or thin-wire connections that simplify radar installation. But with the Quantum 2 chirp there’s more to love, in the form of color-coded targets differentiating between inbound, outbound and stationary returns. Doppler technology is what makes it possible, and Raymarine beefs up the abilities by adding a 25-­target MARPA system and high-speed tracking algorithms.

Raymarine Quantum 2 Chirp dome Radar with Doppler
Raymarine Quantum 2 Chirp dome Radar with Doppler Courtesy Raymarine

Price: $1,949.99



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