Sun Pump

Keep the bilge dry with a little sun power. A gear review from our July 2010 issue

November 2, 2010

Sun pump 368

Solar Bilge Pump Courtesy Of Sea Joule Marine

The Solar Bilge Pump from sea joule Marine Products uses the power of the sun to keep your dinghy dry. This compact pump sits in the bottom of your dinghy, and yup, it has a float switch that turns the pump on when the water reaches a pumpable level. But it also has a small solar panel mounted on top of the pump/battery unit that’s able to keep the battery charged, and the pump pumping, as long as it’s exposed to the sun. Installation couldn’t be easier. Place it in the bilge’s lowest point, run the .75-inch discharge hose over the side, and say a fond fairwell to your trusty old Clorox-bottle bailer.

$200, (631) 828-5101,


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