Video Contest Winners: A Thrilling Place to Drop the Hook

The winning submission to CW's Explore Your Anchorage video contest shows off a Bahamas anchorage with natural attractions that will blow you away.

September 3, 2008

When Cruising World appealed to readers to submit videos showing life on and around the hook, community member Rodger Ling (aka stationr) took the call to heart. We’ve always been impressed with the production quality of Rodger’s videos, and his contest submission, “Warderick Wells,” shows precisely why his family likes this Bahamas anchorage the best. From the pristine beaches to the colorful snorkeling to the exhilarating seaside blowholes, the video presents the anchorage’s many assets in crisp, compelling fashion. For his skillfully edited and well organized submission, Rodger Ling wins first prize in CW‘s Explore Your Anchorage Contest and will receive an Airis kayak courtesy of Walker Bay.

The judging panel included CW editor John Burnham, CW managing editor Elaine Lembo, CW senior editor Mark Pillsbury, CW associate editor Kitty Martin, web assistant Marianne Groszko, and online producer Pete Matchett.

(Click each screenshot to watch the video)


First Place

Contributor: stationr
Title: “Warderick Wells”
stationr’s Description: “You can’t buy fuel, do laundry, fill up the water tanks, sit in a bar, or shop for the ship’s groceries here, yet many cruisers spend weeks at Warderick Wells just the same. This short video shows some of the reasons why.”
Judges’ comments:
“Great tune, good editing, and well thought out in general.” -Mark Pillsbury”Well-conceived and well-produced.” -John Burnham

“This one was done really well, I loved the checklist and the little girl running away through the water in the end. I also like the little blowhole that blew the girl’s hair everywhere. It was great to hear her reaction too.” -Marianne Groszko


Second Place

Contributor: tinybubbles
Title: “Monkey Man’s Tropical Survival Skills”
tinybubbles’ Description: “Collect your own coconuts with these simple to follow tree climbing strategies. Having a good time while on the hook on a small motu in Niuatoputapu, Tonga.”
Judges’ comments:
“This one was campy. And you’ve got to wonder if he’s going to fall!” -Mark Pillsbury

Third Place


Contributor: lapointe
Title: “Justice Bay”
lapointe’s Description: “Exploring the sea caves of Justice Bay, Apostle Islands, Lake Superior”
Judges’ comments:
“Justice Bay was nice– and I’ll be those kids would rather not be sharing one kayak!” -Pete Matchett

“I might be biased towards this one– that’s where we were with Mr. Pillsbury this summer. The video caught what those caves are all about, though it would have been nice to see a shot from farther away.” -Marianne Groszko

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.


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