Watch Documentary of Ted Turner’s Successful 1977 America’s Cup Defense

On Saturday, June 17, NBC will air a documentary detailing Ted Turner's 1977 America's Cup defense, narrated by Academy Award winning actor, Michael Douglas.

In 1977, Ted Turner successfully defended the America's Cup onboard Courageous.America's Cup

In 1977 Ted Turner acquired the 1974 America’s Cup winning 12 Meter, Courageous, for his second attempt at the America’s Cup. His first experience as skipper of Mariner in 1974 did not go well. At the time Turner was a new owner of the Atlanta Braves. The baseball team was consistently at the bottom of the standings in major league baseball. But Turner was always the optimist. When asked how he liked losing all the time, he said, “We are not losing, we are just learning how to win.” True to his word Turner, won the 1977 America’s Cup match, and went on to win the World Series.

NBC’s new documentary takes you on an amazing journey to witness Ted Turner’s quest to overcome adversity and become a champion. There is a lot to be learned from this inspiring film for athletes in any sport, and for all business entrepreneurs. Hard work, a loyal team, and persistence pays off. Turner launched the Cable News Network just three years after his America’s Cup victory. He went on to become one of the most successful business visionaries in American history, and eventually became an important philanthropist and environmentalist. The story is told with clarity and portrays the emotional roller coaster ride these athletes had to endure before winning at their beloved sport.

The interviewees in the film include baseball Hall of Famer, Hank Aaron, Braves CEO Terry McGuirk, and many of Turner’s sailing crew including Gary Jobson and Robbie Doyle.

The Courageous film on NBC immediately follows the first day of racing for the 35th America’s Cup between the United States and the challenger from New Zealand. In 2013 the USA overcame a 8-1 deficit by winning 8 straight races to successful defend against New Zealand. The tenacious sailors from down under return to the Cup Final after defeating four other challengers over the past three weeks. The Courageous film contrasts dramatically with the current Cup being run in foiling catamarans. Viewers can decide if the new age is better than the amateur competition of the past.