When Pigs Fly

Pigs may never fly, but they apparently have no trouble sailing, swimming, or just lounging on deck. "Community Spotlight" for our September 10, 2009,

One of the crew aboard CW forum member Michael Camarata’s Dean 440 catamaran is a “real” pig.

One of the crew aboard CW forum member Michael Camarata’s Dean 440 catamaran is a “real” pig. Michael Camarata

You’ve probably seen dogs on boats. And cats on boats. And pigs in space, but you’ve probably not seen too many pigs on boats. Well, Piggy Sue is a 17-year-old Potbellied pig who’s been cruising since she was a piglet. She has also graciously agreed to say a few words about herself.

“Hi, my name is Piggy Sue. Once again I have been asked to write about myself, my accomplishments, and my cruising plans. Sometimes it gets to be a bore. No, not a boar. Those are nice. I am a few weeks away from being 18 years old and typing hurts my hoofs a bit. I have a touch of arthritis. Arthritis at 18? Well, I’m a pot-bellied pig and 18 is very old for my species.

The little girl I grew up with submitted photos to Cruising World of me boating and, of course, they think I’m cool and asked for more information. Ah, fame gets so boring after a while.


I have been sailing all my life in the southern New England area and visiting the harbors of Long Island Sound, Vineyard Sound, Buzzards Bay and more. I spent more than 15 years aboard a mono-hull named Perfectly Normal, a 1972 Pearson 35. I don’t mind heeling but these days it’s a little tougher to keep my balance.

Now I cruise on Infinite Improbability, a 1998 Dean 440 catamaran. Much more comfortable! No heeling and I have my own cabin. The people I live with are going to sell our house next year and move aboard full time. Then we’re heading south. Sounds great to me! I hate winter! Too cold on my hooves.

Over the years I became well known in harbor towns when I went ashore for walks and sightseeing but I try to stay out of the limelight these days. An adoring public can be a drag.


I hope this is enough about me although I’m my favorite subject. I am looking forward to full-time cruising but I’m told that I shouldn’t be looking forward to anything at my age, and maybe I shouldn’t start reading War and Peace. I’m not quite sure what that means.”

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