Where's Bill?

The first person to guess the location of this historic destination will win a Cruising World T-shirt.

I've basked in the sun on Guana Island in the B.V.I. and in Seychelles. I've also frozen my butt off along the icy shores of Lake Michigan in the dead of winter. The Guana Island video received the most guesses, and it took a while before the correct answer came in, but the destination where I shot my latest video could be a bit tougher to ID. So let's hear it: Where am I now? The first person to respond with the correct location (you must be specific), will win fame and fortune (actually a Cruising World T-shirt).

And I'm always looking to explore the next not-really-so-secret cruising location. If you know of a cool/warm place that we here at CW should feature in a future cruising/charter story, leave your destination suggestion on the comments page at the bottom of this post. Who knows, I may end up in your secret spot and you may have a leg up on the competition for the next "Where's Bill?" contest.

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