Wrung Out to Dry

Something to soak up the dew and leave you with a dry seat. From "New Products" in our September 2009 issue

368 absorber

Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

The Absorber XL does exactly what you think it should: It absorbs liquid in ways that a leather chamois or the humble terrycloth towel simply can't. It's made of stuff called polyvinyl alcohol, which has a uniform pore structure that enhances capillary action, but all you really need to know is that it absorbs a boatload of water. It's reinforced with mesh for durability and reportedly does its job without leaving streaks. The Absorber XL is also impervious to most chemicals, can be stored wet in its plastic case, and is machine-washable to boot. For anyone who's endured a damp butt after sitting on a dew-covered cockpit seat-probably all of us-or slipped on a wet cabin sole, the potential uses seem limitless.
$20, (800) 654-3933, www.theabsorber.com