Amicus Adventure Sailing

Amicus II

Greetings from the north shore of Lake Superior! My name is Katya Gordon and my husband, Mark, and I own Amicus Adventure Sailing, a small adventure sailing business out of Knife River, Minnesota. We have have taken more than 1,000 people on daysails and longer voyages on our 40-foot sailboat, Amicus II. Last winter we sailed as a family with our two daughters down the Bahamas and back, partly by ourselves and at times with other young adults and families. My book Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids recounts the voyage.

Looking for ways to combine our passion for sailing with our increasingly urgent concern about climate change, we have recently embarked on a new project we call “Sea Change.” We plan to take three, five-week sailing voyages on Lake Superior over three years, each with four young adults aboard. Every May or June we’ll take off for a different part of the lake and in each harbor or port we’ll plan events around the issues of climate change: how it affects Lake Superior, and what citizens can do. You can learn more about this at We charge the young adults $325 for a 5-week sailing voyage, which as you can guess barely scratches the surface of the actual costs. We are determined that our trips will be accessible to all young adults and are raising funds if anyone cares to donate.