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A cruisers boomtown in Barcelona, Spain; a medical mission to Vanuatu; croc hunting/ croc avoiding on the Great Barrier Reef; what’s on the Web; good books; and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

Ageism and Mother Ocean
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
If age is a matter of perspective on land, so it is, too, on the water

What Women Can Do
Short Story by Melanie Neale
A shaky start to the maiden voyage ultimately proves the crew is in control


Three Folks in a Boat
Under Way by Adam Oyebanji
A skitter across Lake Michigan is a feat nearly undone by a little bit of leeway

Congradulations, Graduates
Passage Notes by Kitty Martin
Offering a maritime curriculum, the New York Harbor School graduates its first class

Dream Burger in Paradise
People & Food by Jennifer Goff
Afloat in paradise and in search of Buffett’s cheeseburger, this crew found the next best thing


Welcome to the Land of No
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
While they were out cruising, someone in Fort Lauderdale turned up the volume


A Sailor’s Island
Gunkholers and hard-core voyagers have come to appreciate the place named for explorer George Vancouver in a way that he never did
by Beth A. Leonard


A Hard-Won Oasis
Thread the needle to this unnamed island in British Columbia to discover a rewarding destination
by Elsi Hulsizer

A Cruising Sailor Gets Up Close and Personal
Here’s how to dive in and get good shots of the sealife
by Jimmy Hall

On the Prowl on the Polar Front
If you like harsh places, you’ll feel lucky to see the rarely visited South Sandwich Islands
by Angus Phillips


A Rocket Takes Flight a Ways Down East
Yacht Style by Stacey Collins
Baraka is a union of Maine craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology


Our Favorite Upgrades
Projects by Carolyn Shearlock
These 14 boat and gear improvements have made life afloat better

A Spring Primer on Paints and Varnish
Fitting Out by Andrew Burton
Find the right finish for your boat’s keel, topsides, brightwork, and interior

Get an Upper Hand on the Smells from Below
Living Aboard by John DeFede
These strategies will keep you focused on sailing, not sour scents

Mastering Mold
Upgrade by Bob Starita
Install compact fans belowdecks and say good-bye to moisture

Heat ‘Er Up, Start ‘Er Up
Monthly Maintenance by Steve D’Antonio
When it’s cold outside, glow plugs heat the air inside a diesel so it will start


Bavaria, Catalina, Dufour, and Hanse Redfine Entry Level
Boat Review by Jeremy McGeary

The Hunter 45CC: Home on the Water
Boat Review by Stacey Collins
Sporting a center cockpit and a racy-looking house, the 45CC points this designer in a fresh direction

Quite the Ketch
Classic Plastic by Daria Blackwell
The beautiful lines of the vintage Bowman 57 hint at a high level of workmanship and seaworthiness

A Drop-In Diesel Replacement from VW
New Products by Andrew Burton
Revive that sailing machine with a new diesel from the Bug maker, a battery-charged dinghy inflator, or environmentally-frindly bottom paint, and more


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