Central & South America

Ripe with natural beauty and vibrant culture, Central or South America charter vacations offer matchless cruising experiences and lots of options for adventure.

Central & South America
Bahía San Carlos rock formations

Solo Sailing on the Sea of Cortez

A sailor revisits old cruising grounds south of the border, where he relaunches his boat and embarks on a few days of exploring this wild coast of Mexico.

Puerto Agua Verde

A Green Guide for the Sea of Cortez

While anchored in San Carlos, Mexico, this young sailor learned ways to protect the fragile environment of this beautiful and ecologically diverse body of water.


Stuck in Roatan

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought life to a relative standstill around the world, many cruisers found themselves suddenly stuck in a foreign port.

Bahia Chamela

Cruising in Quarantine

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a young family takes a break from long voyages and finds joy staying put in a small bay in Mexico.


Preparing a Boat For Haul Out

While preparing for another haul out in Mexico, the Totem crew shares their lessons learned from previous experiences in the boatyard.

Jordan and Desiree Wicht on Atticus

Dragging to Freedom

After an anchor-dragging incident in Mexico, a young couple that are new to the cruising life have a serendipitous encounter with another cruiser.