Charter News: “Go Sailing” Connects Sailors with New App

The American Sailing Association has released a new app aimed at connecting sailors around the country on one platform.

January 12, 2017
The American Sailing Association’s “Go Sailing” App is designed to connect sailors around the country to help sailors learn from each other and get on the water. American Sailing Association

Go Sailing has released a nationwide version of its innovative social networking app which connects people interested in sharing the experience of sailing. A simple and user-friendly solution created for skippers needing crew and sailors wanting to sail, Go Sailing (formerly Kroocial) launched in the San Francisco Bay Area in March 2013. Having quickly developed a large community of passionate users in Northern California, Go Sailing was introduced in the Los Angeles area in July 2016 and now offers a much improved version for both iOS and Android to sailors across the country. The app is available to download for free, and no membership is required.

Go Sailing is a free, location-based social networking app that makes sailing accessible to everyone from novices to salty dogs, and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to several behind-the-scenes improvements designed to enhance the user experience, the nationwide version of Go Sailing includes three new valuable features:

• A map helps sailors easily discover trips, crew or sailing events both nearby or in another geographic location nationwide;


• In addition to sailing trips, V3 supports sailing-related social events. Whether it’s a sailing seminar or a dock party, sailors can find social events in their local community or in a geographic region they are visiting; and,

• The new Go Sailing app allows sailors to send private messages, letting them easily connect with their friends, or introduce themselves to skippers or other sailors.

Go Sailing is a gift to the sailing world from the American Sailing Association (ASA), America’s sail education authority. “Go Sailing already connects thousands of people who love sailing with a simple tap of their mobile phone,” said Lenny Shabes, ASA’s Chairman of the Board. “Further cementing it as the focal point for the sailing community, we’re looking forward to seeing Go Sailing connect thousands more sailors across the U.S. and, ultimately, millions of people around the world interested in sailing more, attending sailing-related events and making more like-minded friends.”


Existing key features of the Go Sailing app allow users to easily: • Post a sailing trip in order to find crew and make new friends; • Discover sailing trips / events nationwide and join as crew; • Learn to sail by taking an introductory Go Sailing experience; • Communicate with crews, skippers and friends; • Keep track of trips, certifications and more.

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About Go Sailing


Go Sailing is a free mobile app presented to the worldwide sailing community by the American Sailing Association as a public service. Developed to make the sport accessible to everyone, Go Sailing removes the barrier to entering the magical world of sailing. Since its inception, Go Sailing quickly developed a large community of users in California, and now aims to connect the millions of sailors around the world looking to do more sailing with skippers everywhere looking for crew, as well as to new friends and sailing-related social events.


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