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Offerings include a handheld searchlight, marine lubricants, an improved waterpump cover, and a compact video camera for inspecting your boat beneath the waterline. "New Products" from our March 2012 issue.

February 22, 2012

Life raw-water-pump cover

Courtesty Of The Manufacturer

A Bearing on Pump Safety
Speedseal’s revamped Life raw-water-pump cover for generators and main-engine cooling pumps—with a new outer bearing that’s vastly improved the company’s popular previous model—provides quick and easy impeller access and has been proven to increase impeller and pump longevity and performance. The addition of a Teflon disc placed between the end of the cover recess and the rotating brass bearing (which is in contact with the impeller) promotes extremely low friction, even when running dry; this is an important emergency safety factor.
$90, (800) 675-1105,

Window to the Underwater World
With the portable, compact, battery-operated AquaLens live video camera from Aquabotix attached to the end of your boat hook, you can check your propeller, rudder, keel, or hull—or just have a gaze at what’s happening below the waves—while staying dry as a bone topside. The nifty AquaLens, complete with a standard 15-foot cable, L.E.D. lighting, infrared night vision, and an anti-fogging lens, runs on eight AA batteries or with an optional 12-volt power cord or 120-volt power adapter. Simply strap the 3.5-inch L.C.D. monitor/screen on your arm like a wristwatch (the arm band is included) and have a good look around.
$800, (617) 419-5883,

Maritime Lube Jobs
Forespar’s new trio of specially formulated anti-corrosion, anti-seize synthetic MareLube marine lubricants, with Teflon, work equally well in fresh water or salt water. MareLube TEF 45, ideal for turnbuckles and spars, is available in jars or pre-loaded syringe packs for hard-to-reach applications. MareLube Valve & Equipment advanced lubricant was developed for bronze plumbing fittings and Forespar’s Marelon parts. And MareLube Extra was formulated for general usage on anything from hatches to sliding doors.
$11 and up, (949) 858-8820,


Shine a Light
No cruising boat should head to sea without a powerful searchlight to identify buoys at night, check sail trim, send signals, and be readily at hand for emergency situations. And Perko’s Removable Handheld Deck Control Searchlight (model 0440) will fill the bill. There are several units in the line, featuring 4.5-inch or 7-inch sealed-beam bulbs, powered through 12-volt or 32-volt cigarette lighter-style plugs. A watertight deck connection keeps the light securely in place for stationary use, while an 8-foot cord allows for on-deck mobility. The company states that the powerful beam will penetrate fog, rain, haze, and even smoke.
Starting at $260, (305) 621-7525,

Rubbed the Wrong Way?
If sheets, halyards, or dock lines are wreaking havoc with your gelcoat or varnish, the No-Wear Chafe Guard might be the answer. Fabricated from marine-grade type-316 stainless steel and industrial-strength adhesives, the double-sided adhesive strips are easy to apply. Simply clean and dry the susceptible area, remove the backing paper from the adhesive tape, position the guard where it will be most effective, and press down, rubbing with a soft cloth to ensure that all edges are firmly in place. If you wish to remove it later, gentle heat from a heat gun or hairdryer will do the trick.
$13, (631) 824-3575,


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