High Latitudes

High-latitude charter expeditions offer some of the ultimate cruising adventurers to be had for serious sailors in the most remote regions of the globe.

High Latitudes
A crew of sailors in the arctic

Arctic Sailor Launches Summer Research Voyage

In a new video, the captain of the sailing vessel Barba discusses plans to set off from Norway with a crew of scientists to search out and study whales and other ocean mammals in the icy waters of the far north.

Shepton in Greenland

Sailor Profile: Bob Shepton

Bob Shepton has sailed more than 130,000 miles, twice transited the Northwest Passage and has written books about his high-latitude adventures—all in retirement.

Matt Rutherford and Nikki Trenholm

Matt Rutherford’s Arctic Research Dreams

Skipper Matt Rutherford and scientist Nikki Trenholm have an ambitious long-term plan to conduct important climate research in the high latitudes. First they need to fix up their “new” boat.

sailing in Norway

Sailing to Svalbard

A hardy band of adventurers sails to 81 degrees north, where they are halted by the frozen sea.