High Latitudes

High-latitude charter expeditions offer some of the ultimate cruising adventurers to be had for serious sailors in the most remote regions of the globe.

High Latitudes
A man leaning out from a boat to touch a whale.

‘Barba’ Sails in Search of Whales

Aboard his Jeanneau 37, Andreas Heide and a team of researchers plan to head to Arctic waters this summer to film and research orcas and other sea life, as well as document environmental conditions in the far north.


Voyage to Antarctica

The passage on Pelagic Australis from Chile to Antarctica was nothing short of mind-bending, but the rewards were worth the ordeal.

Shepton in Greenland

Sailor Profile: Bob Shepton

Bob Shepton has sailed more than 130,000 miles, twice transited the Northwest Passage and has written books about his high-latitude adventures—all in retirement.

Matt Rutherford and Nikki Trenholm

Matt Rutherford’s Arctic Research Dreams

Skipper Matt Rutherford and scientist Nikki Trenholm have an ambitious long-term plan to conduct important climate research in the high latitudes. First they need to fix up their “new” boat.

sailing in Norway

Sailing to Svalbard

A hardy band of adventurers sails to 81 degrees north, where they are halted by the frozen sea.