How to Prepare Your Boat for Hurricane Season

Tips and information on preparing your boat for hurricane season and resources for tracking storms from Cruising World magazine's archives.

Sailors are no strangers to keeping an eye on the weather, and as the summer heats up in the North Atlantic and Pacific, we're used to keeping tabs on tropical cyclones. Part of preparing for hurricane season, which runs from June 1st through November 30th in the Atlantic, and May 15th through November 30th in the Eastern Pacific, is having a plan for your boat. If you're actively cruising, this often includes getting outside of the "hurricane box" and/or knowing where you will put your boat in the event that a storm comes your way.

To help you make your storm plan, we've pulled together some of our best content on how to prepare your boat for a hurricane plus resources for tracking tropical weather.

Hurricane and Typhoon Prep for Sailboats

Tips for Leaving the Boat During Hurricane Season

Helpful Storm Links: