Smart Solution for Your Hull

Sea Hawk Paints' metal-free antifouling paint will keep your hull and the environment clean.

Smart Solution Antifouling Paint

Sea Hawk Paints

Sea Hawk Paints recently introduced a completely metal-free Smart Solution™ antifouling coating. "Engineered to be the most effective environmentally friendly antifouling paint available, it provides equivalent performance to traditional antifoulants, but utilizes completely metal-free biocides resulting in no bioaccumulation in the environment," according to the company's press release. "The coating's reaction to water creates a slick film that encapsulates the hull, providing enhanced speed and premium performance against growth."

Smart Solution™ has also been approved for use in California by the Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Read more in Sea Hawk Paints' brochure or visit the company's website.

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