January 2005

January 6, 2005

edited by David W. Shaw
Swimming with hammerheads, sudden squalls, Bajau boat people, People & Food, Jimmy Cornell, and more

On Watch by Steve Callahan
When a string of vexations nearly cause him once and for all to flee civilization, he finds kindness abloom in the least likely places

Southern Extremes
Passage Notes by Paul Howard
There’s nothing mundane in the folks you’ll find gathering on Cape Horn’s doorstep


Note to Self . . .
Log of Ithaka by Bernadette Bernon
Four years too late comes the memo that lays out all she wishes she’d known when she was the cruising neophyte


A Measure of Excellence
by Dieter Loibner
24 new sailboats, five distinguished judges, and 10 days of intensive scrutiny set the stage for this year’s Boat of the Year contest. And the winners are . . .


Gunkholing with the Gators
by Darrell Nicholson
Twisting through the mangrove forest between the Broad and the Harney rivers deep in the Florida Everglades, the narrow creek known as The Nightmare is a place that must have been named by a poor fellow who found it, mapped it, and then fled to Montana, bug-bitten and stark raving mad. It’s the sort of place that only an idiot (or two) would try to explore by sailboat

Standing on Jan Mayen
by Dave and Jaja Martin
Uninhabited and hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle, Jan Mayen gives you some idea how the world must have seemed before people came to populate it. It’s also the last place on Earth you’d ever want to run aground

A Goose Among Swans
Yacht Style by Angus Phillips
Last fall, 107 Nautor Swans made their way to an idyllic outpost off Italy’s western coast, 150 miles from Rome, to joust and spar in a week of mostly point-to-point racing. Our roving correspondent popped in to have a look



Coming Up Short
Voyaging by Beth A. Leonard and Evans Starzinger
Cruisers often speak of 200-mile days as an achievable goal, but are they really?

A Windlass for the Weary
Systems by Tom and Vicky Jackson
They’d sailed tens of thousand of miles aboard a 40-footer before the prospect of hauling chain from deep-water anchorages spurred their quest to find the right windlass


A Boxy Boat for a Cabin Trunk
Tenders by Detlef Jens
A restaurant tablecloth proves just the right design tool when no other dinghy would fit their needs

A Sense of Where You Are
Navigation by John Harries
There’s a happy medium between the intuitive skills of the Newfoundland fisherman and the push-button piloting techniques of our day

Insured Doesn’t Mean Protected
Marine Insurance by Bruce F. Murphy
An otherwise straightforward blunder goes hinky when the same company insures the rammer and the rammee


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