Making Beef Jerky


Use very lean beef, venison, lamb, or goat. Trim away all fat and cut meat on bias into 1/4-inch-thick strips. Marinate overnight in soy sauce to cover.


Recommended only in clean areas with no air pollution. Needs full sun for most of the day, with temperatures over 50 degrees F. Drain soy sauce from meat. Spread meat out on plates in direct sun for three days, turning every few hours. Take it in daily before dew settles and anytime rain threatens. Pasteurize in 175 degree F oven for one hour. When cured, jerky is shriveled and black and somewhat brittle when cooled. Cool and store in airtight containers. Will keep one year.


Place marinated, drained meat strips one-half inch apart on wire racks in preheated 150 degree F oven. Immediately reduce heat to 120 degrees F. (Use oven thermometer and keep door ajar.) After 5 hours, turn strips over and dry four hours more.Cool and store