Photo Contest Results: Lone Pine

The winning photo in CW's Holiday Photo Contest conveys the solitude of the waterfront in winter. "Community Spotlight" from our February 5, 2009, CW Reckonings

February 5, 2009

With everyone nestled in at home, huddled around the hearth, the holidays can be a lonely time to be on the water. Among all the festive submissions to Cruising World’s Holiday Photo Contest, all the images of twinkling lights and joyful boat parades, one photo stood out as the loner. In “Christmas Tree on Wavertree,” a full moon shines down on a brightly lit evergreen standing sentry in the rigging of a tall ship. There are no people in sight, just the boat, the tree, and the moon. The holiday parties are taking place elsewhere; at Christmas time, it’s lonely on the waterfront.

In appreciation of this honest portrayal, CW’s judges awarded “Christmas Tree on Wavertree” first prize. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. This month’s judges were managing editor Elaine Lembo, senior online production manager Lisa Julius, and web editor Michael Lovett.

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First Place

Contributor: AS
Title: “Christrmas Tree on Wavertree”
AS’s Description: “A Christmas tree on the mast of the tall ship Wavertree, at the South Street Seaport Museum (New York, New York)”
Judge’s Comments:
“I like this photo for its simplicity and for the way it juxtaposes nature’s holiday light with manmade holiday light. The salty rigging adds to it, too.”-Elaine Lembo

Second Place


Contributor: lowy53
Title: “Let It Snow!”
lowy53’s Description: “The Christmas boat parade in Punta Gorda Isles, Fl. The ammount of work that goes into decorating the boats is amazing.”
Judge’s Comments:
“I love the way they decked out their boat for the holidays, evendown to their little Santa hats!” -Lisa Julius

Third Place

Contributor: svandiamo
Title: “Swantown Marina, Olympia, WA”
svandiamo’s Description: “Swantown Marina in Olympia, WA covered in snow.”
Judge’s Comments:”One of my favorite things about winter is the stillness that comes after a snowfall, and this photo seems to convey that quiet, heavy feeling.” -Michael Lovett


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