Preserving Eggs


Buy farm-fresh eggs that have not been refrigerated, if possible. Wipe but do not wash. Eggs should keep 4 weeks, even in the tropics, if turned upside down in their containers every other day to keep the yolks suspended. When any spoiled eggs are found, give the others a freshness test: Place raw eggs in a pot of salt water. Fresh ones sink; spoiled ones float. Discard contaminated eggs and hardboil the remainder. Hard-boiled eggs should last up to a week.To keep eggs longer than a month, try one of the following methods. Coated eggs should be turned periodically; salted eggs need not be turned.


Fresh eggs should keep 4-6 weeks if coated with unscented Vaseline, solid shortening, or if dipped in melted parafin to seal the pores. They should be turned every other day.


Stack fresh, raw eggs in a jar. Cover with cooled, strong brine (1 cup pickling, kosher, or uniodized salt dissolved in 2 quarts boiling water). Leave no air space . Seal and store in a cool, dark place. Should keep for 4 to 6 months. Yolks turn a reddish color and grow increasingly salty with age. These eggs are delicious hardboiled. As eggs are removed, fill space with fresh water.